Our philosophy


We believe in collaborative processes that benefit the physical and emotional well-being of both workers and clients.


We make our knowledge available to everyone with innovative methods both in the field of education and in the field of artistic creation.


We prioritize gender equality, the diversity of origin, age and social class of the team and female collaborators in order to contribute to social improvement.


We are a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience and training with a consolidated track record of creating high-level products.


We argue that ecological sustainability improves project processes, while contributing to making the planet more livable.


We experiment with the use of artificial intelligence, explore new creative formats and new methods of education and care for people.

The creative team

Anna Agulló
Anna Agulló
Anna Agulló Prieto

Multidisciplinary creator

Nacida en L'Hospitalet. Soy actriz, directora, escritora y mentora creativa. Estudié Comunicación Audiovisual (UAB), Cine (UM de Chile) y también he estudiado pintura, danza, canto y otras disciplinas artísticas.

Rubén Prieto
Rubén Prieto
Laura Casafont

Emotional Wellbeing Director

Graduated in Psychology, dedicated to the integral well-being of people. She has experience in PNI, Yoga, conflict resolution and respectful support for children and adolescents. She is an expert in team dynamics.

Pilar Duran
Pilar Duran
Pilar Durán Agulló

Marketing and screenwriter

Postgraduate in Screenwriting at the UPSA and Master's in Creative Writing at the US. Digital Marketing Professional and Professor of Marketing and Advertising at the Seville Chamber of Commerce.

Laura Casafont
Laura Casafont
Rubén Prieto

Audiovisual creator and screenwriter

He is currently dedicated to the script and the creation of the "Diario Carismático". Their joint project "El Renacimiento 1984" has a long history on digital platforms. His main reference is Eric Rohmer.

Our vision

Often in the creative field, the well-being of female and male collaborators is disregarded: overtime, precarious salaries, etc.

We believe that high quality products can be created by doing things in a different way that is more sustainable for the people involved. We are convinced that it can be created in a healthy, eco-sustainable and egalitarian environment. That's why we have an Equality Plan, physical health resources, a Director of emotional well-being and Energy Saving Protocols.

Our mission

We want to give opportunities to people at risk of exclusion both by offering free services and incorporating them into the team. We believe in the value of intergenerationality. Each age segment has a different view, due to the changing context in which we grow up.

We want to add these points of view and learn from each other to make a project that reaches all audiences. This allows us to integrate the wisdom of the experience of adults and the familiarity with the digital world of the younger generations to create innovative products and methods adapted to the client.